Winifred Chapman, maid who found Tate victims, goes into seclusion

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  1. catscradle77 Administrator

    Winifred Chapman, maid who found Tate victims, goes into seclusion.

    From November 1969.

    Thanks to Zoom71 for this :-*

  2. Thewheel Active Member

    why did bugliosi describe Winifred chapman as quarrelsome in his book maybe she wanted to say more but was denied the chance. She must have seen many people coming and going and been privy to most of the daily goings on. Did she ever do any interviews or any written stuff .

    they say that jay Sebring employed a butler amos Russell without being unkind to mr Russell I believe he could not read or write. The purpose so sebring could not incriminate himself with any written material such phone calls messages been written down and names , so everything was word. Of mouth.

    regards tw
  3. Endoracat Moderator

    I think he described Chapman as querulous, not quarrelsome. And there's a definite distinction in meaning. I'll have to haul out HS to see if I am right about VB's description. Cats would certainly know better than I, but I don't believe she did interviews.
    And as for Jay hiring somebody seemingly illiterate to cover up his drug purchases/selling strikes me as ludicrous. Anybody else?
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  4. catscradle77 Administrator

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  5. shelley Guest

    Garrettson would have done the same, given the chance.
  6. Endoracat Moderator

    Why wasn't he given the chance?
  7. shelley Guest

    Poor guy was all over the media; he was arrested as prime suspect and subjected to "helping the police with their enquiries", as the UK constabulary rather quaintly puts it, including use of a polygraph. He'd survived a night of unspeakable horror without even knowing it had taken place, then he found out in the most brutal way ... it probably knocked his mental health for a deep 6 (is that correct terminology, with cricket in the UK, you'd just say knocked it for 6) ... and his mind hasn't been keeping quiet since.
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  8. Whitehorses Moderator

    I checked HS and didn't find an instance where Bugliosi gives any description of Chapman.
    As for Sebring hiring an illiterate butler, that one sounds like it was pulled out of the ether.
  9. Endoracat Moderator

    Thanks Whitehorses; I'll try and hunt down where I read that. The description was related to her demeanor on the stand.
  10. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    page 171 of HS. It was Bugliosi who described her this way while interviewing her.

    "Winifred Chapman was petulant, querulous: she wouldn't testify to seeing any bodies, or any blood..."

    petulant - (a person's manner) Childish, sulky, or bad tempered. Irritable, cantankerous.

    querulous - Complaining in a petulant or whining manner.
  11. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    Think she wanted to disappear and not get involved with everything. Sure she was haunted forever about what she had seen.
  12. Endoracat Moderator

    Okay, I looked it up: It's on page 234 of "Helter Skelter."
    Bugliosi writes, "Winifred Chapman was petulant, querulous: She wouldn't testify to seeing any bodies or any blood, ....
  13. Endoracat Moderator

    Sorry Christine, I was looking it up the same time as you ...
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  14. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    Great minds.
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  15. Whitehorses Moderator

    I stand corrected.
    I checked my copy of HS again - page 171 specifically - and still can't find the description.
    In my copy, Bugliosi is reading the report from The Barker Raid and is preparing to go to Barker.
    Is your copy hardcover or paperback?
  16. Endoracat Moderator

    Look at my post; Christine and I were looking it up at the same time. Page 234 is in the updated version from the 25th anniversary of the case (I believe).
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  17. Whitehorses Moderator

    Very strange. My copy has Susan Atkins in front of the Grand Jury on page 234. o_O
  18. Whitehorses Moderator

    Mine is the ordinary paperback.
  19. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    It is located on the last page of December 4, 1969, just before start of grand jury on the 5th.
  20. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    Hope this helps you out.

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