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Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by christine1966, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if one of our members run this site or if anyone knows who it is run by, just seems funny the pictures that are posted here on our site show up the next day on that site...If your going to use pics, give some credit, thanks,

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  2. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    A few of Eddy's have popped up recently, with no thanks or credit...
  3. Dirty rat bastards!!!!!!:mad:
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  4. MissToni Well-Known Member

    Yes indeed, give credit from where obtained.
  5. coonhound Moderator

    Christine, I assume this is the one here?
    http:/ /sharonandromanlove .tumblr.com/

    The person asks for people to contact them here.......
    Contact Me: loveiscomingback@yahoo.com
  6. musicfan145 Well-Known Member

  7. Eddy Guest

    well.....it might be best to consider it the highest form of flattery to be sneaking around here looking for anything to take. That it was posted here maybe first say's it all!! We know we got a kick ass forum and the owner is such a darlin:luv:!
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  8. CanuckCeeDee Well-Known Member

    And at least one of the moderators is cute ... just sayin' ...
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  9. Whitehorses Moderator

    That's not the only place that "borrows" from this site. :sneaky:
  10. coonhound Moderator

    It wouldn't be the first time we had folks from other 'TLB/Manson' sites sneaking around and 'borrowing' our stuff, photos and ideas, and yes we know you do it and who you are.:thumbsdown:It's just down right evil.
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  11. Oooooooohhhh the lack of mystery does Not deepen.........:confused:o_O:mad:

    ps. Coonhound, your pics are always so entertaining!!!:)
  12. catscradle77 Administrator

  13. Go Cats Go !!!

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  14. catscradle77 Administrator

    And for swennykw, really that aint me starting at about 1:19 in the mask ;)
  15. coonhound Moderator

    We know which site really rocks (and who really rocks) and why.............
    PS-Coohound loves that old JanesAdddiction! "I was standing in the shower thinking.........:whistling: "
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  16. MissToni Well-Known Member

    Okay, that is one unbelievably hokey title and email address! Sharon may have been in love, but Roman couldn't be bothered to keep his zipper shut even two weeks after his pregnant wife was slaughtered. Is some ditzy sixteen year old running that site?!
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  17. Peaches Donating Members

    You made me laugh, Miss Toni and I needed a laugh today so thanks!:)
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  18. christine1966 Well-Known Member

    Well aware of other sites that "poach" our items. Congrats on moderator Whitehorses...
  19. Whitehorses Moderator

    Thanks, and great job with all the pics, Christine! :cool:
  20. musicfan145 Well-Known Member

    Okay, I got a reply email back from the person at this site. I witheld their name that was at the end of the email.
    I initially sent an email saying:
    "Hello. I really enjoy all pics that are on the sharonandromanlove.tumblr website. How do you have so many pics with so much knowledge of where all the photos were taken?"
    Here was the reply:

    "A lot of my knowledge about the photos comes from my own personal archives. I've got the limited edition book of Sharon photos put out by Walter Chappell's family, and I've also been in contact with Walter's daughter. I've also got various photographs of her taken by people like Hatami, Jerry Schatzberg, Ellen Graham, John Engstead, etc etc. It's good for me that I have an extensive collection of magazines with stories and photos about her.

    The photos related to her film roles are fairly obvious for me based upon my own collection and many years of research.

    It's usually somewhat easy for me to figure out at least the year a candid or paparazzi photo was taken when I don't have concrete evidence, simply based on her hair and makeup, as crazy as that may sound. Her personal style and look evolved quite a bit from 1963 to 1969, making it easier to pinpoint a timeframe when the photo could have been taken.

    Even if I see a photo of her with Roman where he's got a bandage on his upper lip, I know that would have been taken around the last week of January to the first week or so of February 1968, because he got that bandage defending her in Paris during their honeymoon. I can also judge which photos of them were taken during their trip to Cannes in 1968 based on their outfits.

    At the end of the day, everything I know just comes from years of research."[/quote]

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