The House at The End of The Drive

Discussion in 'Sharon Tate' started by 60skid, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Mr. Magoo & Popeye for me :p
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    lol....Kimba is the nickname my hubby used to call me.
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    Hey Sleuths -- Here is a link to "Haunted History: The Manson Murders" that aired last week on the History 2 channel. I had to log into my Xfinity account to view it, but there are other provider options. Focused on the hauntings at Cielo with David Oman, the old Spahn site and Barker Ranch, there is some interesting commentary from authors Ivor Davis and Adam Gorightly. Lots of old photos and news footage added in as well.
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  4. BourneCO Member

    I was surprised that the "reenactments" were from the Beiber Manson Family movie. Wait, not Justin, Jim Van Bebber...that's it. It was an odd show but well worth watching!
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  5. Deanie1965 Well-Known Member

    Haha nice...but I think Beiber would have to play Squeaky. :D
  6. Deanie1965 Well-Known Member

    I know this is last minute but in case you're interested:
    TONIGHT AT 9:00pm PST ON SyFy

    The “Oman House” Is Making “Paranormal” Waves on the SyFy Channel…
    (Beverly Hills, CA) On Wednesday July 24 the SyFy channel will feature a special about the “Oman House” on “Paranormal Witness: The Manson Curse,” at 9pm EST. A sneak preview is available here:
  7. Tallulahbelle Member

    I just watched "Paranormal Witness" and it was about David Oman and his house on Cielo Drive that he thinks is haunted by Sharon & Jay. Anyway, he used to be a private investigator and he had some connection at the LAPD and after he had several things happen in the house he went to them to see what he could find out about the murders etc. he said he was handed a box of over 2000 pictures of the crime scene. They did show some of them - very quickly - and I had not seen ANY of them. Now, I will give you that they could have been fakes, just for the show but I did recognize some things in them. I don't know if they were the "real" thing or not but I think they were. There were several things that have happened in that house - or so he says - and I would have left after the 2nd one! The first thing could be your imagination but the 2nd - well let's just say I'm outta there! I guess my real point is the "2000 pictures of the crime scene". Anyone know anything about that? It was a new show - first shown tonight - 7/24/13 on the Scifi channel.
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  8. Tallulahbelle,

    I'd bet money those were not the actual pics. They don't look like the real pics at all to me.
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  9. I just finished watching this and sadly it is an hour of my life I will never get back:cry:
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  10. Deanie1965 Well-Known Member

    I watched the episode as well and the pictures they used were not the real crime photos. Another telltale sign is with the shows Steven Parent's left leg sticking out of the car.
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  11. MissToni Well-Known Member

    I was busy purposely getting drunk after a bad week - and it was only Wednesday - so I missed it.
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  12. Virgo1969 Active Member

    It stated that this started happening in 2002...why didn't he just look this stuff up on the internet? How long has all of these been online? All he wanted was what happened on Cielo Dr that would have been easy to find.

    Anyone here in LA that wants to befriend a police officer so you can go look at those crime pics?
  13. Dang Miss T, I wish I had been with you getting drunk instead of watching that show!!:D

    I hope your week improves:)
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  14. Deanie1965 Well-Known Member

    I'm with Maudie...I think we should have joined the drunkfest lol. You didn't miss a thing.
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  15. Tallulahbelle Member

    I did not look that close at the pics he was "looking through" they just had a few familiar things to them but nothing else was "real". The actors, the house etc. so I think I must have missed a grand opportunity to turn the channel. Mr Oman seems like a nice enough guy but I don't really see why Sharon or Jay would go there to haunt. I would think they would stay at the place where all of this happened not move down the street to a house you don't know with people you've never met. Wait, I think I may be over thinking this just a bit. Nice to hear other people's opinion on the show. Did anyone see Haunted History a couple of weeks ago? It was about the Manson "ghosts" and the places they haunt. Pretty boring in my opinion. They don't seem to be terribly active ghosts just a random thing here or there. Don't know if I believe in that stuff but if you tend to hang around if you have suffered a violent or sudden death these 7 people would surely fit the profile. Just sayin' .
  16. jeffreyjeff Member

    Somebody help me out....I thought Oman built his house on the lot left vacant after 10050 Cielo was torn down (the new address is 10066, I believe). In the Paranormal show, he kept saying he was "4 houses down" from the scene of the crime. I know the new house is not in the exact location where the old house was, but it is the same building lot, right?
  17. Jeff,

    It was not the 10050 lot. It was a lot 4 houses down, tho I'm sure Oman would love that misinformation out there. It might just earn him a few more bucks:rolleyes:
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  18. Deanie1965 Well-Known Member

    David's house is the fourth house from the gate on the private drive. In 1969 there were two houses there, the first house which was the Kotts and the other belonged to the Asins. These are the houses where Winifred Chapman ran to Saturday morning. Since then there has been new construction -- a house placed between the existing Kotts and Asin homes, and David's which was built on the other side of the Asin home. Believe it or not, they are currently excavating for yet another house on the other side of David.

    Jeff Franklin owns 10066 named Villa Bella. He is best known for directing Full House, Hanging with Mr. Cooper and other sitcoms. Surprisingly we don't hear a peep out of him. Maybe the ghosts of Steven, Voy and Gibby are staying over there lol.
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  19. jeffreyjeff Member

    Thanks for clearing that up Deanie.........I don't know why I thought Oman owned that monstrosity at 10066.
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  20. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    He might be wealthy, but not wealthy enough to own the new Cielo monstrosity. Personally, I kind of like it, myself, but I want more acreage, and the house sort of took all that up. I think it would be a stunning house on another piece of property. It just sort of looks out of sorts where it is now.
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