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    Some things I found on Susan Atkins enroute to looking up other things. All of the info. below is taken from Parole Hearing Transcripts:


    Q: You described Bruce White. [the alleged father of her son] In your file soon after you arrived in prison you said you wanted to marry
    (Lorrie) White
    . Is that the same person?

    A: No sir.

    Q: Any connection with the same surname?

    A: No sir.


    Q: Now you mentioned throughout your -- you know, a John Daiberl. And I don't see where he has been written off by you.

    A: A little over a year ago, I broke my engagement to John Daiberl, out of a personal religious decision on my part. This event would have happened around June or July of 1977.


    Q: Are you going to marry Michael Holbrook?

    A: I sure hope so.

    Q: Where was he in prison (Michael Holbrook)?

    A: Colorado. He was in County Jail. He had been extradicted from Nevada State Prison to face charges of armed robbery in Colorado. He was eventually
    released from prison.

    later same Parole hearing 7-6-79;

    A: Rory White, I've known for ten years, almost eleven years. Rory White appears to be Lorrie White. She would have met him in 1968 (12-31-68).

    A: So he (Rory White) went to Hawaii. And he has been in Hawaii since 1977. When I wrote him last year and told him that I was going to marry
    Michael Holbrook, he wrote me back and told me he was very happy for me.

    A: In reference to Michael Holbrook -- "And he stopped communicating in 1978 -- '77, excuse me, the latter part of 1977, for about 6 months".

    A: In reference to Michael Holbrook -- "And then, in April of 1978, I can't explain why it happened, but I suddenly wanted to hear from Michael
    " The two started to communicate again.......but I don't know what happened for it to end.....


    The following was about her marriage 9-3-81 to Donald Lee Lai$ure;

    A: There's so much involved in -- in -- [Pause] - where my emotions were at that time. Mr. White, Lorrie White, who you made reference to
    had just informed me, after 11 years, that he was going to marry someone else, and for lack of better terms I think I went for what Mr.
    said, on the rebound.

    My understanding is Susan Atkins married James Whitehouse sometime in 1987. I don't know if there was a special someone for Atkins in-between Laisure and Whitehouse.

    So from what I can understand, Atkins wanted to marry Lorrie White or Rory White, John Daiberl, Michael Holbrook, then eventually married Donald Laisure, marriage annulled then married James Whitehouse. I don't know if she was in love with Bruce Davis or not during their letter exchanging period.

    Atkins states the following about Lorrie White, aka Rory White; he was happy for her that she was marrying Michael Holbrook -- versus -- Lorrie White informed Susan A. that he was going to marry someone else after 11 years and apparently distressed, she then fell for Mr. Laisure, marrying him in 1981. Unless of course Susan A. broke up with Michael Holbrook, then resumed her relationship with Lorrie White, who broke up with her.

    Atkins in 1978 also resumed a professional relationship with Atty. Cabarello who represented her again, but this time at her parole hearing (7-20-28). Cabarello appeared to be intense and passionate in his defense of Susan Atkins, and that she "told the truth" during the Grand Jury hearing.

    What did these men find attactive about Atkins? What was the draw? How did she find these men or they her? Inquiring minds want to know!
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    oh dear , she was meeting more men in jail, then most woman meet out and about !!!!! :eek:hthedrama:
  3. TooLate Well-Known Member
    Most probably they met the way Candy did (playing yahtzee in the visiting room) and just found her a really nice person, post her psychosis and putting prejudice aside.

    It said in some article there was no-one between the whack job lai$$ure and Whitehouse as the Lai$$ure experience (48 hours with a lunatic) frightened her really badly.

    What is odd is her propensity for people with the name White or variations. Perhaps a hint of subliminal control through Manson or Mk ultra - thou shalt only date Mr Whites not Mr Wrongs anymore??
  4. joe25 Donating Members

    You're right about 'White'........

    I would assume that you were skeptical of Mr. Laisure's statements when he was on the Maury Povich show (late '80s I think)----that Susan stabbed him during their conjugal visit.

    Thank goodness Maury stopped Lai$ure from taking off his shirt and showing everyone his scar.

    Side note -- Debra Fraser (spelling) Atkins one-time attorney seemed competent and supportive of her client --- why was she dropped as her legal rep.? Do you know by chance?
  5. richko62 Member

    I believe see stopped practicing law and now is a personal chef in Oregon. I read an interview with her that Bret had done on his site 3 or 4 years ago.
  6. TooLate Well-Known Member

    Yes - but she should have! What a waste of a law degree and good lawyer.
    Now onto a thing of interest, Cats just posted an article from early days, one in which Atkins Dad said he thought Manson was her babies Dad. So is White fictional & used to protect the innocent child... when was the first mention of White - and is this something the adopters knew, hence the ongoing closed adoption and inability of Atkins to locate her adult son in the 1990's?
  7. joe25 Donating Members

    I hope you're not suggesting that Atkins should have stabbed Mr. Laisure on their, 'honeymoon'. Plus, Parole Hearing transcript, 1985, cited:

    A: He wouldn't let me sleep, I had maybe six hours sleep in 72 hours. He had temper tantrums. He was irrational. Extremely demanding. [Atkins continues] --
    About the best way I can put it is he was emotionally abusive to me. {She continues]
    Laisure was not sexually abusive nor physically abusive, "just mentally abusive." No records of complaint or early ending of conjugal visit was
    reported by either Atkins or Laisure. Who knows what really happened?

    The other question of yours:

    Child of Satan, Child of God (1978), pg. 101 -- "Thanks a lot," Charlie (Manson) said sarcastically. Despite the agony, I heard him clearly. He (Manson) seemed to think he was the father and should be called first. He was not the father.

    The first mention of a specific name for the father of Zezo was the Parole Hearing transcript, dated 12-31-1985. Atkins names Bruce White whom she met in New Mexico, etc. There could be other references to cite about the alleged father of her son, I can't locate them for now.

    I didn't realize Atkins reconnected with her father and stayed with him (or close to him) in 1968 prior to her son's birth.
  8. TooLate Well-Known Member

    They were in touch a little it seems but noone in wide family was willing to stand by her ie support, if decision made to keep illegit child. Not uncommon for the era.
    No wonder CM looked like an exemplary christlike apparition.
  9. joe25 Donating Members

    Other relationships of Atkins' that I have questions about but can't find details involve Bruce Davis and Tex Watson.

    I found some information about Davis in .
    Charles Manson Coming Down Fast by Simon Wells (white cover, 2010), pg. 367:

    "...........despite the Family's penchant for free love, it appears that Davis found a soul mate in Sadie. They connected on a level that went deeper than just sex, and managed to maintain a relationship - a rarity in Family circles - well beyond their days in the Family."

    Susan's relationship with Tex while in the Family and post trial incarceration seems secretive and perplexing. Info. about the two at the Cielo Dr. murders is relegated to what is in their parole hearing transcripts, i.e. obeying orders, finger pointing, and blaming.

    In Atkins 1978 Parole hearing transcript she mentions an Allan Reese, "a 19 year old boy who has been writing to me for a little over a year, who I helped lead to Christ. He went to visit Charles "Tex" Watson and asked me if I would like to say anything to Charles through him. And the administration let me know under no uncertain terms that I was not to be passing messages." Atkins wrote Allan Reese and told him about rule violations for passing letters, etc.

    In her 1979 Parole hearing I believe, Atkins had a copy of Tex's book, 'Will You Die for Me' in her cell and used contents of the book to support her contention that she didn't kill anyone at the Cielo Dr. residence, it was all Tex and Katie.

    In Child of Satan, Child of God pg. 124, she describes Tex as such, "I had become fond of Tex. He was a tall, string bean, bony Texan with beautiful blue eyes. Suave and at the same time very gentle, he was demonstrably grateful for favors and kindness, unlike many of the men at Spahn's." The two allegedly shared methedrine usage together, keeping their secret from the Family, including Manson.

    Inquiring minds want to know more about these two and Susan/Sadie!
  10. joe25 Donating Members

    I forgot to mention this, which comes from Atkins' 1985 Parole Hearing Transcript, pg. 70:

    One of the jobs she held before getting on the bus with Manson, et al.

    "I worked in a wig salon doing sales."

    I wondered where she worked, when she worked at this wig salon, whom she worked with, etc. There were no follow-up questions about this, for example, did she have contacts with Tex at this time or crossed paths with other Family members or eventual victims.
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  11. catscradle77 Administrator

    Good catch Joe-which brought to mind, something Charlie said to Paul Krassner: But apparently the reporter mentioned the wrong victim, because when I wrote to Charlie and asked directly, "Did Susan sleep with Frykowski?" he answered, "You are ill advised and misled. Sebring [one of the victims] done Susan's hair and I think he sucked one or two of her dicks. I'm not sure who she was walking out from her stars and cages, that girl loves dick, you know what I mean, hon. Yul Brynner, Peter Sellers...."

    Not to be vulgar or anything. From:

    What exactly it all means, I am not sure. May not mean anything.
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    In her 1985 Parole Hearing, not one follow-up question was asked about her involvement in the wig salon business. However, there was a lengthy discussion about her work at the Galaxy Club, topless go-go dancing, etc.
  13. catscradle77 Administrator

    Can you post the interesting parts?
  14. joe25 Donating Members

    Here's what's in the transcript (1985):

    PRESIDING MEMBER ACETO: "You became an amateur topless go-go girl, having achieved this by entering a amateur topless contest in one of the clubs and was hired

    by the [INAUDIBLE] -- correction -- the Galaxy Club to pretend that she was an amateur in the audience and you'd go up and dance.

    You worked as a cocktail waitress, which sounded to me like your best shot. You were going on dates with patrons of the -- of the lounge.

    Also worked in after-hour club selling drinks and became a professional at the various arts. And I don't know what that means.

    [INAUDIBLE] men be dating them and drinking with them. Sometimes earning totaled as much as two-fifty a week, which made it possible for her

    to dress in the style as she maintained herself in nice apartments.

    And then you became -- began keeping an old man, which refers to a young male friend, would live in her apartment with her."

    She sounded like she became an escort.........apparently the wig sales business wasn't satisfying and not very lucrative. I wonder if her vampiric act with Anton LaVey, was before, during, or after her brief Galaxy Club career?
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    Selling one kind of hair piece for another....
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    Good one Dil :laff:

  17. joe25 Donating Members

    ........then buying another ...... a Wooly Hophead.
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    She was a stripper, then a prostitute.
  20. Donald Lee Laisure...

    Wow, what a creepy weirdo that guy seemed to be! :laugh:

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