Satan's Slaves-The Sharon Tate murders

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  1. catscradle77 Administrator

    Satan's Slaves-The Sharon Tate murders






  2. Peaches Donating Members

    On page 143, someone says he saw them on Thurs., Aug. 10th?? ???
  3. catscradle77 Administrator

    That was Tommy Harrigan...there are articles on him and his seeing Voytek but not on the 10th  ;)
  4. Peaches Donating Members

    Tell me more.... :D
  5. catscradle77 Administrator

    Uh, this is the first time I have ever heard Patricia Krenwinkel called "dazzling".





  6. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks cats for posting this.  I was like you-"Patricia Krenwrinkle dazzling?  Did I hear that right?  Huh ???"  If she read it, which I doubt, just think-she must of blushed from the compliment.

    Loved the conformity statement also.  Never realized it until I read it.  So that means no matter what-no matter how we try to be different-we are really conformists?  That means that there are different conformity looks. 

  7. wood dragon New Member

    Thank you for posting this.
    I've looked for this book for years, so it is a real treat for me!
  8. FreeLeslie Banned

    Thanks also from me...the last sentence in the book is of great significance to me!
  9. catscradle77 Administrator

    You are all very welcome.

    Wood Dragon-I will work on getting the rest of the book up, I just got the part about the TLB murders up first.

    I am glad that people liked it.
  10. BonnieM Member

    I'm new catscradle77 but I too enjoyed the pages posted. I would love to read this book!
    I notice that on the first page posted 135 most people before they saw the crime scene photos
    believed Sharon's breast was cut and her belly was cut open and the baby ripped out. I wonder why the author said this when it wasn't true? But it was a great read anyway! Thanks.
  11. Eddy Guest

    Well maybe that's why to this day Geraldo Rivera say's the same damn thing every time he talks about the Sharon Tate murders. You'd think with his years in the business and all the vital people he's spoken to he'd have his facts straight. Even Ron Reagan mentioned it on his talk show that Sandra Good was on and she tried to correct him as he walked away saying "it was true" (about the baby being ripped from the womb). It was an often told rumor that many people still believe. As if the real facts aren't gruesome enough!
  12. cielodrivecom Active Member

    There's definitely a lot of bad information out there. A great example are the bios on A&E's Some of the information there is so wrong it's really an embarrassment.

    From Manson's bio on their site....

    "The trial began on the November 18, 1969. Ronald Hughes was a young lawyer with experience and knowledge of 1960's counter culture. He was assigned as Manson and Van Houten's attorney, but decided to drop Manson in favor of defending Van Houten who he thought could convince the jury that she was under the influence of Manson. The move may have cost him his life. In 1970, Hughes went camping and disappeared. His decomposed body was found several months later. It is thought he was the victim of 'retaliation killing' by members of Manson's Family for, in their eyes, betraying their leader.

    During the trial Manson released an album titled 'Lie' in order to raise money for his defense. Previously when he had known Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame..."
  13. BonnieM Member

    "During the trial Manson released an album titled 'Lie' in order to raise money for his defense. Previously when he had known Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame..." I never knew this! I swear no matter what you think you have learned about this case,
    there is always something new!
  14. BonnieM Member

    I have a relative that still believed the baby was ripped from Sharon's body. I do know Sharon's sister
    Debbie has stated that the killers slit Sharon's throat and that Debbie has been criticized for it.
    I don't criticize Debbie because I figure she won't look at her sister's death photos and is only going
    by what she has heard.

    You are so right! The real facts are gruesome enough!
  15. MissToni Well-Known Member

    He was buddies with Dennis Wilson, not Brian Wilson. was pointing out some of the mistakes being perpetuated.
  16. Dilligaf Donating Members

    It's a good thing they did not say Mr. Wilson, otherwise they may have said Dennis the Menace was involved....
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  17. CanuckCeeDee Well-Known Member

    I love a good work of fiction, don't you?

    Particularly the characterization of Patricia Krenwinkle as "dazzling" -- about the best thing you could say for her was that she had beautiful hair -- on her head, people, so save the snarky comments.
  18. Dilligaf Donating Members

    I just could not resist....

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  19. Wessel Administrator

    While we're at it, they've spotted Leprechauns in Patricia's old hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

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  20. Eddy Guest

    WTF? LOL..... "it looked like he had six fingers on each hand" hehehehe Have some more moonshine buddy! (Git! Git! Git!)

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