Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium

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    Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium
    by William H Kennedy
    Mystic Valley Media, 2006

    Chapter 1
    A Brief History of Modern Satanism

    The ultimate concern of this examination is to trace the history of Satanism from its roots in Victorian occultism through its emergence in post-World War !! era, and to asses the various threats this movement poses to society in the new millennium.

    To this end, a provisional definition of Satanism is necessary. Satanism may be defined as a belief system which seek to venerate the Fallen Angel Lucifer, either as a metaphysical being or as a metaphor. That some Satanists see the Devil purely as a symbol while others as a genuine spiritual entity turns out to be irrelevant when considering the underlying theology and long-term goals of this movement. Although, many factors contributed to the growth of this diabolical belief system over the centuries, the contemporary movement can be traced to the activities of one individual who gave shape to the modern world of Satanism.

    Aleister Crowley: The Godfather of Modern Satanism

    In any discussion of contemporary Satanism, the figure of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) looms like a mafia Godfather over a shadowy underworld. Crowley (rhymes with "holy") is the single most influential character in the formation of modern Satanism and Witchcraft (Wicca). Born into a wealthy family who were the sole owners of a brewery and pub chain, Crowley resented the stern Christian upbringing and harsh Victorian morals inflicted upon him in his native Britain. (1)

    Crowley enrolled at Cambridge University but never graduated, having instead chosen to embark upon a period of self-examination and the study of occult doctrine. It should be noted that Crowley was a world-class mountain climber and minor celebrity as a young man. However, the majority of his time was spent on the study of ritual magic and mystical practices. Much of this esoteric exploration was Satanic in nature, despite claims to the contrary by Crowley's contemporary followers.

    In his quest for spiritual enlightenment, Crowley used drugs with meditative practices and sex rituals to form a system of sex magick. (Crowley used the alternative spelling magick to distinguish his metaphysical teachings from stage magic.) Within this system, devotees claim that drugs, visualization, and the frenzy of sex caused them to merge with their chosen deity. In one ritual which Crowley undertook early in his career, he identified himself as Jesus Christ. In fact, the most popular photograph of Crowley shows him postured like Christ on the Cross. (2)

    Crowley's mock crucifixion mimics Lucifer's rebellion, which is recounted in Isaiah Chapter 14. It constitutes a reenactment of the Fallen Angel's attempt to invert Heaven and be worshipped as God. It is a ceremonial imitation of Lucifer's mutiny and represents a mini-victory for the Prince of this World inthat God is eclipsed. Crowley himself was worshipped as God in this bizarre rite. At other times, Crowley identified himself as Satan ( and other, mostly ancient Egyptian deities)  and likewise encouraged his disciples to venerate him. Crowley chose the pharaonic gods for rituals merely because a statute of Horus at the Cairo Museum had the catalogue number of 666 and he saw this as a sign from Lucifer.

    This notion of inversion is essential to understanding the phenomenon of Satanism. Ultimately, inversion involves the replacing of God with something else as an object of veneration. It really does not matter what replaces God as long as the Christian Deity is eclipsed in the hearts and minds of followers. Crowley was well aware of this notion of inversion, even going as far as to call his new religion "Crowleyanity" as an inversion of "Christianity". He symbolically inverted the Divine order by replacing Christ with himself and had his deranged followers venerate him as the Messiah. In his bid for spiritual power, Crowley directly petitioned the Fallen Angel by praying and killing small birds before a human skeleton mounted on a makeshift altar in his home. (3)
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    Crowley also claimed to have summoned Beelzebub and a host of 49 demons, and, on another occasion, he claimed to have conjured up 316 Devils in an arcanic ceremony. Whatever one makes of these assertions, it certainly demonstrates Crowley's allegiance to the Prince of this World. (4)

    Crowley later believed he was also the Anti-Christ. In his most famous work, The Book of the Law, written at a time when Crowley was openly referring to himself as The Great Beast 666, he wrote "With my hawk's head I peck at the eyes of Jesus." It is where he penned his credo " Do what they will shall be the whole of the law." (a notion he borrowed from the bizarre 16th century Franciscan priest and heretic Francois Rabelais.) The book called for a New Age of global conflict, constant bloodshed, and the eventual destruction of Christianity in an apocalyptic battle. (5)

    Again, the inversion of the Christian faith was of utmost concern to Crowley. It did not matter if Crowley played the role of Jesus or Satan--the primary goal was to obscure the real Christ by whatever means necessary.

    In his obsession to overturn Christendom, Crowley was even willing to adopt atheism and Communism. Just after World War I, Crowley wrote to the newly installed Communist government in Moscow and offered his services as propaganda minister for atheism with express intent of deriding Christianity. The fact that the Russian Reds had no metaphysical beliefs was of little concern to Crowley. It was the Communist Central Committee's vow to destroy Christianity that really grabbed Crowley's attention. The Great Beast 666 was only concerned with the obliteration of the Christian Faith and would use anyone or any system at his disposal to promote this agenda. The Communists must have believed that The Great Beast 666 would better serve their revolution if he remained in the West. He never received a reply. (6)

    Crowley's relationship with Fascism is somewhat complex. The Great Beast would adopt any system that sought to replace the Judeo-Christian tradition but was not one to subordinate himself in any meaningful way to any leader no matter how appealing his ideas. In this sense. Crowley was certainly not a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer.However Crowley did state that the prophecies depicted in The Book of Law have cognates in a book of quotes entitled "Hitler Speaks". Crowley identified his system with that of the Nazi party leader. (7)

    Virtually all of Crowley's later disciples adopted strong elements of Fascism and Nazi occultism as part and parcel of fulfilling he Great Beast's agenda. One of Crowley's primary German followers was Martha Kunzel, who sincerely believed that Hitler was following Crowley's principles an became an avid member of the Nazi party. The British occult writer Gerald Suster speculated that the rise of totalitarian despots in the 20th century and the World Wars they started were, in reality, a bleak fulfillment of the Great Beast's forecasts concerning the epoch of violence which Crowley believed would eventually topple Christianity. As will be demonstrated, the trend of mixing Nazism and Crowleyanity would be continued by the Great Beast's devotees into the new millennium. ( 8 )

    Crowley's version of Stanism still crops up in modern Devil worship. One can find Satanists who worship themselves, Satanists who venerate the Devil as a real being and atheistic Satanists who use this diabolical faith as a convenient springboard to overturn Christianity. Oftentimes, these competing convictions and interpretations of Satanism cause division within this movement but this is to be expected, and in no way hinders their ultimate goal of destroying Christianity. From a theological perspective it must be kept in mind that Hell is full of Devil worshippers who bicker among themselves. So, it comes as no surprise that there is squabbling among contemporary Satanice groups in this world.

    Crowley belonged to various mystical societies over the course of his career, including the Freemasons, Heremetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) which he was later to lead and set up new lodges in Europe and America. The Great Beast started a commune is Sicily where he combined hard drugs, magical incantations, and ritual sex with his strange followers. Refusing to submit to any moral codes, Crowley allowed several preteen children to witness sex rituals involving explicit carnal acts--including sex with humans and goats. This is one fact his admirers never like to mention. (9)

    There is also a vague reference to human sacrifice of a male child in Magick in Theory and Practice, but modern Crowleyites claim this is merely a "metaphor" and that The Great Beast did not intend for his initiates to butcher babies in rituals. Crowley even had his teeth filed to sharp points and would draw blood and drink from his drug-addled acolytes. (10)

    Trouble came to Crowley's commune when one of his followers died from toxic shock after ingesting cat's blood from a silver chalice during an arcane rite. The authorities were informed of the death and the Fascist government deported the Great Beast. The commune closed for good. Crowley turned much of his attention to spreading the OTO with its sodomy rituals, which The Great beast greatly enjoyed (11)

    The modern founder of Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner, was an OTO initiate who hired Crowley to formulate the primary magical ceremonies practiced in some form by the vast majority of Wiccans to this day. Despite their claims that they are practicing the continuation of pre-Christian Goddess religion, which survived from ancient times, most modern Witches are merely celebrating the nature rites of the Great Beast 666. Crowley certainly enjoyed the money he received to formulate these Wicca rituals, but he must also have seen the potential this "Mother Nature" religion had for further toppling Christianity. (12)

    During the twilight of his life, Crowley worked to ensure his teachings would continue after his death. One of his schemes was to infiltrate the Catholic Church (an idea he may have gotten from the Heremetic Order of the Golden Dawn) and subvert it from within. For this end, he ordered his disciple Charles S. Jones to convert the Church of Rome and begin to replace it with Crowleyanity. Jones was arrested once for indecent exposure in Canada. How well he did within the Catholic Church is unknown. (13)

    The Great Beast's final years were spent in destitution. He made end meet by taking handouts from followers and writing a book on tarot, as well as selling a brand of aphrodisiacs called Crowley's Elixir of Life Pills, which included Crowley's own sperm as the main ingredient. He died on December 1, 1947 withlittle fanfare or media attention. (14)

    Crowley was debt ridden and burnt out from drugs when he died. The lives of his followers took an even worse turn, with many of his male and female ex-magick partners eventually going insane. Two of Crowley's wives and five of his mistresses even committed suicide. One of his most loyal devotees, Norman Mudd, filled his pockets with rocks and walked straight into the Atlantic Ocean, drowning himself. (15)

    His primary American follower was rocket designer Jack Parson, who revolutionized missile propulsion by inventing solid rocket fuel.One of Parsons' magical partners was L. Ron Hubbard, who went on to found Dianetics and the Church of Scientology. Parsons died in an explosion in the late 1940's, but not before securing a place for The Great Beast 666 in American culture. (16)

    In the late 1940's, the Berkely OTO branch was frequented by actore and director Kenneth Anger (b 1930). Anger's interest in occultism runs very deep, and his interest in Crowley is obsessive. In his effort to understand The Great Beast, Anger went on a pilgrimage to Crowley's old commune in Sicily and made a film based on Crowleyian principles entitled Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954). (17)

    Many years later, Anger would become a household name for penning the pop culture masterpiece Hollywood Babylon (1981), the first book to expose the rampant homosexuality and deviancy in the film industry and a must read for anyone interested in American cultural history. No one can deny that Kenneth Anger is a talented filmmaker and writer, even though one may strongly disagree with his philosophy. Anger is still involved in Crowleyanity and is one of the major promoters of the Great Beast's worldview. However, Anger has a very low opinion of those groups who claim to be the legitimate heirs of Crowley's OTO. In a recent interview Anger lamented:

    "I'm not too keen on any group or cult. I've been to meet the various groups who call themselves OTO which Crowley founded. But Crowley never anointed them or approved of them. All the groups are fighting with each other. There's been raids, thefts, houses have been broken into, books have been stolen, one house was burned down.

    These are Crowleyites fighting among each other, and I'm ashamed of them". (18)

    Crowley is hugely popular today--more so than during his lifetime. In 1967, he appeared on the cover of the Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. In a 2002 BBC survey of the 100 Greatest Britons, Crowley ranked number 73. (19)
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    The Church of Satan

    The Berkeley OTO had a San Franciscan member member named Howard Stanton Lavey (1993-1997) who started frequenting the lodge in 1951. Levey had been in correspondence with Jack Parsons in the late 1940's and was an eager student of the occult. His background is somewhat shrouded in mystery, primarily because he misrepresented his early life and work when he was later to emerge as a major figure in occult circles. It is clear, however, that Levey was musician who played keyboard at various burlesque houses and nightclubs in the Bay Area in the 1950s. (20)

    Levey and Anger became fast friend at the OTO and shared an interest in the more nefarious side of life. The two men intensely studied such phenomena as werewolves, vampires, tarot, ESP and essentially every other occult and mystical teaching under the sun. By 1961, they began to hold meetins at Levey's house, where they charged for public lectures on occultism which attracted fairly large crowds. Much of Levey's motivation for starting this "occult club" was the 1947 novel (and film) Nightmare Alley by William Lindsay Gresham about a carnival huckster who starts a phony spiritualist church to con money out of "rubes". (Ironically Gresham's wife Joy went on to marry Christian author C.S. Lewis) (21)

    As the public decency laws began to change in California, burlesque houses were allowed to offer topless and eventually fully nude dancing, LeVey was already ingrained in the adult entertainment industry as a keyboard player in the older burlesque club scene. As a means to earn money, Levey recruited dancers and organized strip shows in San Francisco. According to his daughter Zeena, he often turned to pimping women in San Francisco's red light district, called the Tenderloin. (22)

    In 1966, Levey formulated a scheme by which he could combine his favorite interests--sex, money and magick. With Anger's blessing, Levey shaved his head, donned black clothing and announced the formation of the Church of Satan. He also changed his name to Anton Szandor LaVey and declared himself to be The Black Pope and The Devil's Avenger. In order to have a secure base of operation, LaVey painted his house black and designed an elaborate ritual chamber which would act as the headquarters for the new diabolical church. LaVey went on a publicity blitz which afforded him celebrity status in the growing 1960's counter culture. Over the course of the next few years, LaVey gathered a fairly large following of about 2000 members worldwide with around 500 or 600 of these being serious hardcore devotees. (23)

    In 1969, Avon books published The Satanic Bible, LaVey's attempt at giving shape to his diabolical purview. Later books included The Satanic With (1971), The Satanic Rituals (1971), The Devil's Notebook (1992) and Satan Speaks (1998). The Black Pope's Bible turned out to be mostly a plagiarized version of the book Might is Right (1896), an anti-Catholic diatribe written by a disgruntled Irish Catholic immigrant who wrote under the pen name of Ragnar Redbeard. The primary ritual contained in The Satanic Bible is a reworking of the 17th century Black Mass--a parody of Roman Catholic Services.

    Some of the other rituals LaVey promotes in these tomes have clear and distinct Nazi elements. One ceremony was accompanied by the Nazi hymn "Germany Awake", composed by the fanatic Fascist Dietrich Eckart was broadcast daily in the Third Reich. One can find references to Nazism in LaVey's arcane rites, including purely Fascist terms like Thule, Vril, and Abenerbe sprinkled throughout his diabolical services. LaVey was not shy about admitting his deep admiration for the SS, even claiming that one of his rituals was based on Himmler's most elite ceremonies, reserved for the highest members of his inner circle. (24)

    LaVey's defenders often point out the Black Pope had Jewish blood and couldnot really have been a Nazi sympathizer. However, when one considers that the most vicious guards in Germany's concentration camps were in fact Jewish, it really renders this argument moot. This refers, of course, to the Capos---Jews the Nazis recruited to, harass and murder their own kind. Most of these Capos were volunteers. Even more disturbing is LaVey's appearance in Kenneth Anger's film, Invocation of my Demon Brother (1969) where Crowleyite rituals are performed while Anger grasps a Nazi flag.

    According to Michael Aquino in his book, The Church of Satan (220) an early patron of LaVey's diabolical services was Tom Creech who regularly attended Black Masses and invocation ceremonies conducted by The Black Pope in the first year of the Church of Satan's founding. Creech has been sentenced to hang by the State of Idaho in 1976 for the grisly murders of two men. His statement to the police was quite remarkable as he confessed to belonging to a Satanic cult which had ordered him to murder as a sacrifice to Lucifer. The authorities claim Creech's assertion is impossible to prove or disprove and have not followed up on his testimony. Creech is one of the lesser known serial killers directly associated with Anton LaVey but the other three became household names. (for information on Creech see )
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    The formation of the Church of Satan would also afford The Black Pope many tax breaks as he quickly devised a scheme to combine his Devil Worship with the adult entertainment industry. LaVey had contacts within organized crime from an uncle who had been one of Al Capone's henchmen. (25)

    This connection gave him access to the strip club owners in San Francisco, and he began to recruit young women to perform in these new clubs. As a means to avoid taxation, The Black Pope called one of his strip shows The Witch's Review and declared that the topless dance was a legitimate religious ceremony. This also buffered him from government censors. The Devil's Avenger could always claim they were infringing on his right to practice his religion if the authorities ever changed the decency laws. (26)

    One young woman who laVey recruited to perform topless in The Withc's Review was a sexy drifter named Susan Atkins. Atkins played the role of a seductive vampireress who emerged topless from a coffin and would point her index finger, which had a long red painted fingernail, at the leering audience. She would hiss and symbolically beckon for the blood of the trench coat-wearing customers who paid their admission to The Black Pope's religious ceremony. Her stage act strangely presaged her later criminal activities. (27)

    Susan Atkins became a household name in 1969 after viciously murdering the pregnant actress Sharon Tate by stabbing her in the stomach. Susan then compulsively licked the blood of th popular star off of her own fingers. In a sense, she took her vampire role to heart. After breaking with LaVey, Atkins joined up with the Family--Charles Manson's motley crew of Devil worshippers. Susan Atkins was present at all three sets of murders ordered by Charles Manson at the Hinman, Tate and LaBianca homes. (28)

    Another Church of Satan member who defected to Manson was Robert "Bobby" Beausoleil, who brutally murdered Gary Hinman at the request of Charlie. (Like Crowley, Manson demanded to be worshipped as Jesus and Satan.) Both of these former Church of Satan members are doing life in prison. (29) Beausoleil tattoed himself with Nazi symbols an joined th Aryan Nations prison gang--another link between mainstream Satanism and violent Neo-Nazism. (30) (The fourth serial killer LaVey knew was Richard Ramirez who will be covered in a later chapter)

    LaVey, like all pimps, had an excessive need to exploit people and decided that he would charge huge sums to Church of Satan members for his advanced teachings. In 1975, members were shocked to find an ultimatum in LaVey's newsletter The Cloven Hoof, stating that from then on; all higher degrees of initiation would only be available if large contributions in cash, real estate. or valuable works of art were donated to the Black Pope. In his greed, LaVey must have forgotten that he taught all of these people to be out for themselves and never be anyone's sucker. Consequently, the majority of hardcore followers left and formed other Satanic organizations which became influential, some of which will be covered below. (31)

    This mass defection dealt a serious blow to LaVey--one from which neither he nor his organization ever fully recovered. With his core followers gone, LaVey lost his major source of income and, until his death, lived in abject poverty. The Black Pope survived primarily off of handouts from a few close friends and occasional wealthy individuals who joined his organization and could afford the large stash of cash he demanded for official diplomas from the Church of Satan. The Black Pope would make anyone a priest in his diabolic order if they paid him enough--he would issue these degrees without even offering the payee any arcane instruction. Many wealthy businessmen in San Francisco an elsewhere would pay for these bogus certificates to use as a novelty joke item to show friends and shock business partners. (32) Even with these schemes, the Black Pope almost lost his house due to a defaulted mortgage, but a wealthy friend purchased it and allowed LaVey to live there for the rest of his life. (33)

    LaVey's philosophy of selfishness soon impacted his personal life and his marriage and family suffered greatly. According to Zeena LaVey Schreck, The Black Pope's youngest daughter, her father regularly beat his second wife, Diane, and the police had to be called on one occasion to break up a particularly nasty domestic fight. In this instance, the High Priest of the Church of Satan, attempted to strangle his spouse to death. Zeena also maintains that Anton was a bullying father who mistreated both her and her older step-sister Karla. She also maintains that LaVey neglected his collection of exotic animals and abused them with a cattle prod. In a most startling statement, Zeena asserts that her father passively watched a firend of many years molest her son Stanton in the Black Pope's presence. The perpetrator was later sent to prison for sexually abusing another child. (34)

    As a means to secure cash in the 1980's and 90's, Anton LaVey returned to his practice of pimping. When young females joined the Church of Satan, LaVey would often initiate them into his coven by having them sell their bodies in San Francisco's Tenderloin sex district. laVey pocketed the cash these naive girls returned with after servicing men. (35).

    LaVey's latter years were quite strange. He became more and more paranoid believing people were out to kill him. He became reclusive an saw less and less of even his closest devotees. The Black Pope's house was surrounded by a large fence with barbed wire, and he spent the majority of his time inside playing his organ and interacting with a cadre of low-tech robots he had created or collected over the years. LaVey did not bother with anyone apart from those who would supply him with much needed cash. (36)

    The rise of the Internet afforded LaVey with new hope for his movement and he sought contributions through the Church of Satan web page, which went online in 1995. His ex-wives and daughters had little to do with the Black Pope. His only companions were his lover Blanche Barton and their illegitimate son Satan LaVey.

    The High Priest of the Church of Satan developed cardiac trouble in the 1990's and had no health insurance. This social Darwinist who asserted that the weak should die and only the strong should be allowed to survive went hat-in-hand to Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Hospital in San Francisco where he applied for and received full free health care from the Church he dedicated his life to ridiculing. The Black Pope, who once recorded a song which contained a line about "throwing Christians to the lions because we don't need them anymore" (37), pathetically, took charity from the Church of Rome.

    According to an unnamed source who worked at Saint Mary's when LaVey was a living patient, The Devil's Avenger also took social services from the hospital, including supermarket food gift certificates and money to pay his utilities from the Sisters of Mercy, who run the Catholic institution. No Satanist or Satanic organization came forward to pay any of LaVey's medical expenses. Howard Stanton Levey (aka Anton LaVey) died at Saint Mary's Roman Catholic Hospital on October 29, 1997. At the time of his passing, he was both the most famous occultist in history and one of the biggest hypocrites ever to walk this planet.
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    Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set

    The largest Satanic church to spin-off from the Church of Satan is undoubtedly the Temple of Set, formed by the Black Pope's number one disciple, Dr. Michael Aquino. Aquino joined up in 1969 while he was a U.S. army officer and psychological operations expert at the Presidio Army base in San Francisco. A highly educated and sophisticated man with a PhD from UC Santa Barbara, Aquino was the polar opposite of the high school drop-out and street hustler LaVey. The class difference was bound to cause tension between the two men. This came to a head in 1975 when, as mentioned earlier, LaVey tried to pull a con job on his devotees and drain them of whatever wealth they had in order to receive the higher initiation rites of The Black Pope's organization. The final rupture came when LaVey accepted money for the rites and proffered little or no instruction on the tenets of Satanism to the attention seeking dilettantes who handed cash to the Black Pope. (38)

    Aquino took his diabolical beliefs seriously. He undertook a long and detailed study of occultism and the rites of the Church of Satan. This academic devil worshipper just could not stomach the fact that LaVey gave away the very advanced degrees he worked hard to attain. He stated the church was attracting too many "fad followers, egomaniacs and assorted oddballs whose interest in becoming Satanists was to flash their membership cards for cocktail party notoriety." (39)

    Nor did Aquino appreciate LaVey's notion of atheism and self-assertion. For Aquino, Satan was a real metaphysical being whose devotees were meant to worship and serve as their diabolical deity. This constitutes the first break between atheistic Satanists and thesistic Satanists--a rift which has little meaning when considering that either way is consistent with Crowley's notion of inversion. It does not matter if a Satanist replaces God with himself or the Devil--the ultimate end result serves the same agenda of overturning Christianity and replacing it with Devil worship. Whether the individual Satanist prefers atheistic or theistic Satanism is irrelevant. Some spin-off groups of theistic Satanists believe this rift will be settled with the emergence of the Anti-Christ in global affairs. (40)

    Aquino not only claims to have faith in the Fallen Angel but believes the Prince of Darkness spoke to him and gave him a further revelation from Hell. This communication from the Devil was eventually written down in Aquino's treatise, The Book of Coming Forth by Night (1985). In this text, the archfiend identified Aquino to himself as Set--the ancient Egyptian name for Satan--and instructed Aquino to form a new organization called the Temple of Set (with members referred to as Setians) which was to act as a vehicle for the emergence of a new and bold Satanic Age. (41)

    The trend of self promotion and eclipsing the Christian God still survived the break from the Church of Satan as evinced in the statement of leading Setians Don Webb, 'The mission of the Temple of Set is to recreate a tradition of self-deification'. (42) For all of Aquino's squabbling over the years, he retained the key element of both LaVey and Crowly's ultimate concern--to replace the Christian God with something else. In Aquino's theology, it is valid to replace the Christian Godwith onself and/or Satan (Set). From a Christian perspective, adopting either of these nefarious concepts eclipses God.

    Aquino's Temple of Set became fairly popular wand even converted Zeena laVey and her husband, Nicholas Schreck, for a time. Although they espouse Setian views, the Schrecks have also adopted Crowleyanity, having experimented with and written about various forms of sex magick. The Schrecks founded their own order called The Storm, which seeks to include ancient Indo-European sex themes into their greater purview. Like many Satanists, they have incorporated neo-Nazi occultism and racism as part and parcel of their diabolical practices. The Schrecks recorded a CD under the group name of Radio Werewolf--a name borrowed from Himmler's underground broadcasting network which sent out pro-Nazi messages after the Third Reich surrendered. The Schrecks moved to Germany and are directly associated with neo-Fascist Skin Head groups. They also produced a movie entitled Charles Manson Superstar (1989), a documentary which afforded Manson a chance to rant away concerning his murderous intentions from inside the maximum-security prison from which he shall never merge. The Schrecks also produced a series of quite intersting books, one of which is on the history of Satanism in the cinema.

    Many Temple of Set members are Jewish yet Aquino still hails Himmler as a great Satanic initiate. He even performed a series of rituals at the old SS headquarters at Wewelsburg Castle in Germany, where Himmler's occult priests once tried to resurrect several severed heads and make them speak. Aquino believed Wewelsburg Castle was a major earthly nexus of nefarious powers and sought to tap into this diabolical goldmine. It was at this High Temple of Nazism that Aquino claimed to have achieved an even higher initiation and further merged with his malevolent god Set. He set down his experiences with Nazi Mysticism in The Wewelsburg Working (1982). (How any Jew could join the Temple of Set is beyond reason.)

    Although Aquino is a master at media manipulation and various forms of mind control from his years as a U.S. PSI-OP officer, he still could not avoid a series of law suits which seriously damaged his reputation. The New Religious Movements page, an academic site which chronicles novel spiritual practices, best sums up the troubles Aquino faced. It should be noted that he was never charged with any crime.

    "A scandal that broke out in 1986 did much to hurt the credibility of Michael Aquino and the Temple of Set. Charges of child molestation surfaced at the day-care center at Presidio Army Base, where Lt. Col. Aquino was assigned. Gary Hambright, a day-care worker, was charged with 12 counts of sodomy, oral copulation, and lewd conduct. Aquino, along with his wife Lilith, were identified by some of the children as possibly being another man who had participated in the molestations. However, no formal charges were ever brought against Aquino, and the case against Hambright was later dismissed.

    In 1994, Aquino sued Linda Blood, a former member of the Temple of Set, for libel in her book, The New Satanist. The book Aquinos's lawyers said depicted him and his fellow Setians as "pedophiles, child abusers, murders and the masterminds behind a nationwide satanic conspiracy." This was settle out of court, with details of the settlement kept confidential.

    The latest lawsuit in 1997, was brought against an internet provider for failing to block defamatory posts for an anonymous user. A person using the name "Curio" had posted over 500 messages that accused Aquino of "having participated in heinous crimes, sexual perversions and acts of moral turpitude," according to Aquino's lawyers. That case against the internet company ElectriCiti was thrown out of court. (43)"

    From 1980 to 1986 Aquino worked as an adjunct professor of political science at Golden Gate University. The various scandals took their toll and Aquino retired from public life and turned over the operations of the Temple of Set to Don Webb and he lives in semi-retirement.
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    The Process Church of the Final Judgement

    Although it is now defunct, no discussion of modern Stanism would be complete without reviewing the strange saga of the Process Church of the Final Judgement. The lineage of this Church can be directly trace to Aleister Crowley via Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. The Process Church was started by two former Church of Scientology members named Robert and Mary Anne Moore DeGrimston in England in 1965. They soon began recruiting rich young people into their cult. The Process Church of the Final Judgement had a Satanic theology in which Jesus and Satan were different aspects of the same Divine Being. In their apocalyptic purview, the DeGrimstons believed the world would erupt into global was which would be ended by a return of Jesus and Satan. Jesus would judge the Living and the Dead and his other aspect Satan would inflict punishment on the unjust. Members were encouraged to worship both Jesus and Lucifer in their clearly diabolic belief system. The Process Church also began to adopt Nazi-style symbols and language in their diabolic theology of death and destruction. Theprimary symbol of DeGrimston's organization looks very much like Hitler's swastika. (44)

    As the cult spread to the New World, they encountered Charles Manson and the Family in San Francisco. Manson was also a former Scientologist who claims that he and Robert Moore DeGrimston were "one and the same" at is trial in 1970.Manson claimed to be Jesus and Satan at the same time and wrote an article for the Process Church magazine. Author Ed Sanders was sued by the Process Church for suggesting that members were somehow involved in Manson's Helter Skelter program of murder and mayhem. Sanders conceded and removed the offensive passive from his book The Family (1971). (45)

    Researcher Maury Terry was likewise sued by the OTO for claiming links between them, the Process Church, The Family, and the Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz in his book The Ultimate Evil. No OTO or Process Church member was charged with any crime while being active members of these groups. Bobby Beausoleil was no longer involved with Ken Anger or LaVey when he butchered Gary Hinman. Likewise, no Process Church member was ever chargedwith murder in relation to the Son of Sam shootings. However, Berkowitz claims to this day he was part of a Process Church offshoot, but no one takes his claims seriously as he originally said his neighbor's dog Sam ordered him to kill those people. Terry settled out of court but still promotes his book, which make the same assertions. (46)

    Eventually, Robert DeGrimston suffered from sexual problems with his wife and requested she allow him to bring another woman to their bed for a threesome. Mary Anne refused and this led to the entire collapse of the Process Church. It formally disbanded in 1975 and destroyed all of its records. (47)
  7. catscradle77 Administrator

    Satanic Groups Today

    After Anton LaVey's death in 1997, his common-law wife Blanche Barton and his two daughters fought for his personal belongings and rights to continue operating the Church of Satan. His estate was settled and his property divided among the three. (48) Barton retained the official Church of Satan logos and a follower named Peter Gilmore was made the new "High Priest." (49) Zeena joined the Temple of Set and eventually formed her own group. Karla went on to form a rival organization. Some of LaVey's ordained priests went on the spread his doctrine in a less-organized fashion. It must be kept in mind that there exists a plethora of Devil worshipping organizations and individuals.

    Boyd Rice-who once sat on the council of the Church of Satan-continues to spread Satanism via his web site, although he combines it with other forms of messages via the Internet. (50)

    Michael Moynihan, another Church of Satan priest, went on to join the Asatru Alliance and currently promotes the work of Italian Fascist Ideologue Julius Evola who worked for Mussolini and eventually was employed by Himmler's SS research division.

    Shane Bugbee, a Church of Satan priest who was the last person to interview LaVey, maintains a Satanic website and has a weekly program on Radio Free Satan, a web-based radio network he purchased and which commenced broadcasting on the Internet in 2000 and spreads the teachings of Satanism to the cyber-generation.

    There is no way to determin how many Satanist organizations exist or how many practitioners of this movement are active. As mentioned earlier there are theistic, atheistic and individualistic Satanist groups and individuals. Many have a web presence and there are a good many solitary practitioners. Satanic groups are inclined to be small and splintering tends to occur.

    The Rise in Satanic Crime

    A philosophy of life that centers on selfishness and disregard for all forms of authority will inevitably lead to criminal activity. LaVey had ties to organized crimed and claimed Las Vegas gangsters were his role models. He pimped women in San Francisco's red light district throughout his whole adult life. It is no wonder that his disciples like Susan Atkins went on to perform heinous murder. The Black Pope's Satanic teachings has influenced a variety of criminals who also claimed to be Satanists. This is not to say that the Church of Satan or any of its offshoots are responsible for the criminal actions of others, but their publications and related media certainly encourage illicit activity.

    There are also other Satanic groups which espouse violence and criminal activities behind the veil of free speech. Several groups seek to unify Satanists in a final battle against Christians. Radio Free Satan has broadcast shows which encourages teenagers to commit suicide.

    LaVey's former followes have also faced legal problems. Boyd Rice was questioned by the United States Secret Service because of his relationship with Charles Manson. Rice actually visited Manson on many occasion but was banned from doing so when he was caught attempting to smuggle a bullet into the prison where Manson was being held. Charlie had access to an arts and crafts shop where he could easily have fashioned a zip gun and used Rice's bullet to either attempt an escape or kill a guard or fellow inmate.

    In a documentary called Speak of the Devil (1993)--a biography of Anton LaVey--Boyd Rice, a high-ranking priest in the Church of Satan and mentor of shock rocker Marilyn Manson, can been seen in a bowling alley dressed all in black like the Columbine shooters. He speaks of how most Satanists meet in bowling alleys "working on their scores." This segment is quite eerie when one considers that Harris and Klebold bowled for almost two hours before they began their murderous rampage.

    In a 2002 remake of the CD Music Martinis and Misanthropy by Boyd Rice and Friends a bonus song is included where Rise addresses the Columbine shootings and has the line:

    "Boyd Rice is the one who did it--now I've heard the secret news."

    Rice, has expressed support for President George W. Bush and, despite his confession of complicity in the Columbine shootings, was invited to speak at M.I.T.

    Shane Bugbee was investigated by the Secret Service when a guest on his radio show threatened the life of the President. Even after the Secret Service visited his home, Bugbee still commented on the 2004 election by stating that "If you're not voting with lead, it's not worth a fucking vote." (51)

    With these sort of exemplars it is no wonder that Satanic crime is on the rise. The constitutionally protected Religious Satanists like Rice and Bugbee are encouraging and celebrating violent acts to the Self-Styled Satanists who most often do not belong to any formal organization and tend to form small cults, many of whom engage in illegal activity and use the literature and teachings of LaVey and is acolytes as ideological justification for crime.
  8. starviego New Member

    "dressed all in black like the Columbine shooters"

    Although it was not well publicized at the time, it is clear that Columbine's trenchcoat mafia, the group behind the attack, was very heavy into occult satanism, as seen from the student interviews:

    Although it was not well publicized at the time, it is clear that Columbine's trenchcoat mafia(TCM), the group behind the lethal attack on 4-20-99, was very heavy into occult satanism, as seen from the student interviews:

    1) TCMer Eric Dutro walking around the school cafeteria telling people that "Satan loves you"(Kelly Beer, 6106) in the spring of '98.

    2) Courtney van Dell, aka 'devil girl,' wore barettes in her hair to make it look like she had horns. Said to be a 'wikken'(sic) or a devil worshipper(Kristi Mohrbacher(1010)).

    3) The students seeking shelter with Clement Park worker Steve Ogle(1056) told him the perpetrators were TCM and were "satanists".

    4) Jecoa Catt(1364) told IO that the TCM were satanic.

    5) Jason Jones(1474) observed the TCM playing 'magic' cards in the cafeteria, which were about the devil and about power.

    6) Lacey Shotts(1651) said she believed the TCM students were 'devil worshippers.'

    7) Jen Smull saw Robert Perry at a halloween party dressed as a worlock(1827).

    8 ) Student Perlman(4054) said Joe Stair used to come to woodshop class with a book he called 'the devil's bible'.

    9) Prior to 4th hour on 4-20, Nicole Ray(4144) saw a male TCMer in the science hall, with his hair fashioned into devil's horns.

    10) TCM associate Nathan Dykeman's bedroom wall was supposedly covered with devil posters(4630).

    11) Nathan Dykeman says Harris called him 'devil man'.(10710)

    12) Daniel Burg(5838 ) told the IO that "...the TCM--they're like satanists."

    13) TCM leader Chris Morris told Mark Hengel(5899) "I don't believe in God. I follow Satan's Commandmants."

    14) Sara Lutes(6821) says the TCM were satanic, and that they wore satanic symbols on their shirts, underneath their trenchcoats.

    15) Chris Hooker, 18, said they were "satanic individuals."
    "We'd see them every day. They've threatened to kill people ... but nobody thought that was serious," Hooker said.

    16) Library Intern Mary Ziccardi(13647) spent one week at CHS in November of '98. Says Eric Harris "looked like the devil" and may have worn black lipstick.

    17) Teacher Mr. Long(EP24-17) said he kicked TCM associate Joe Stair out the computer class for accessing satanic sights. This happened last year.(1998)

    18 ) TCM associate Eric Ault(10645) told the IOs that "they were into satanic worship."

    19) Jennfer Harmon(8835): " of their friends-'Becka'-was waiting for the devil to take over the soul."

    20) Brooks Brown( "They're(TCM) all big on anti-God Satanism. They are really just 'pure hate'."

    21) What kind of music did the TCM like? 'Devil' music according to Brandi Wiseman(4751).

    22) Trista Fogerty(1420): TCM were satanic, when she first got to CHS friends told her to avoid the group.

    23) Nicole Markham(8794): "Harris was into...heavy satanic music."

    24) Nicole Lawson, sophomore(3526): (TCM associates)"Stephanie(Kinny) and Kelly(Schwab) would draw "fnords" on the black board. Fnords are little symbols that were servants of the devil. They would draw a whole bunch of them. They did it when no one was looking." ['fnord' is thought to stand for 'for no other reason, discord']

    25) TCM associate Chuckie Phillips(10866) internet code(Puterfnord@...) name was meant to represent a servant of the devil.

  9. GolarWash Guest

    As a life-long atheist, I have generally looked upon religion with a certain amount of amusement and detached disdain. I've tried to keep a "to each their own" attitude on the subject.

    I think much of the worry over Satanism is overblown. Satanists are and always have been a marginal segment of society. Every now and then somebody commits a heinous crime under the guise that "the Devil made me do it" and it makes the rounds through the media. I far more concerned with fundamentalist attitudes in traditional organized religions; be they Jewish, Muslim or Christian. Extremists who promote hate, intolerance, violence and murder of "infidels" are a serious threat to individual and collective liberty. And as 9/11 so horrifically showed us, a handful of zealots following a mainstream religion killed in one day more people than Satanists have killed in a century.

    Not that I am defending Satanism. I think it is horribly misguided philosophy and that anyone who dabbles in that sort of thing is playing with fire (no pun intended). It is not something to be taken lightly and I would not trust anyone who claimed to be a Satanist. But as a threat to life and liberty it is a minimal threat at best, usually relegated to isolated acts by individuals or small disorganized groups of "self-styled" devil worshipers.

    It has been said many times over that more people have been killed in the name of Christ than that of Lucifer.
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  10. It's all about distraction and diversion--read a little on General Aquino. I don't really believe he is a Satanist, but rather a master at diversion, deflection and distraction/
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  11. Cooltide Well-Known Member

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