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    Who should play Sharon Tate?

    Does everybody remember Wait Until Dark? It was that taut, suspenseful creeper from 1967 starring Audrey Hepburn. It had that classic scene that made everybody jump 2 feet. The actress that played Lisa (the beautiful heroin smuggler, pacing nervously in the opening scene) was Samantha Jones, a model from the 60's. She was a clone to Sharon Tate. She looked and sounded so much like her. Whom would you cast as Sharon Tate? I went all the way back to 1967 to pick my favorite. Whom would you choose?
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    I always thought that Rose Byrne has the same haunting eyes as Sharon...that's if you can get past the bitchy character she played in Bridesmaids..;)

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  3. Kinsolving Active Member

    She DOES have her eyes. Excellent choice.
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    Kiera Knightley. She looks like she could be a clone only she'd have to wear a blonde wig.
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  6. Eddy Guest

    NOT Lindsey Lohan! I always thought Jane Seymour resembled Sharon and she thought it too I heard her say it just a couple months ago. Beautiful woman but too old to play Sharon Tate now.
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    I came across an old post on one of the Sharon blogs the other day that had some photos of Olivia Palermo that looked strikingly similar to Sharon. I don't know much about Olivia Palermo but she has the look a bit for sure.

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    A resemblance to Sharon never occurred to me before, but I very much see it now. My father always held a candle for Jane Seymour. Elizabeth Taylor in her youth, as well (the mention of Lindsay Lohan reminded me of her - I saw an old Tweet of Elizabeth's that said something like "No one will play Elizabeth Taylor except Elizabeth Taylor" or words to that effect...oh, if only she knew!)
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  10. Eddy Guest

    LOL! Maybe she does Leigh!?? Poor Liz!
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  11. martine Well-Known Member

    Definitely Keira, although the eye makeup would need to be exagerrated.

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    I am telling you, she was a clone to her. She sounded so much like her too. Wait Until Dark was a taut, suspenseful movie. The actress plays Lisa, and is only seen in the first two scenes. So, if you dislike the movie, you will still get a good glimpse of her, and a sound of her voice. Is the resemblance not amazing? Also, they were both around at the same time/era. If you have never seen the movie, watch it. It is even better than the play.
  14. Kinsolving Active Member

    Another one that reminded me of Sharon Tate was a grown up Lolita (Sue Lyon). Her voice is nothing like hers, but she has a resemblance.
  15. Kinsolving Active Member

    Watch when Sue Lyon takes her glasses off at 3:54. She looks so much like Sharon Tate.
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    Wasn't she a friend of Michelle Phillips and Tamar Hodel?
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    I honestly do not know.
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