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    Pictures of Jay Sebring:



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    Sigh...thank you Nono

    What a dollbaby.
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    they are great pics , he looks so young and care free, it is so sad that his life was taken so soon, and he was very cute ,so it makes me wonder what on earth Sharon saw in roman , when jay just looked so much more young full of life and had a very good life in front of him........... and roman is just a nasty little gnome of a man , with a thing for underage girls!!!!!! but i guess we girls don't always choose whats best for us when it comes to men lol  :D
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    Its so nice to see pictures of Jay other than the few old ones out there.  His face is like a chameleon, its ever changing.  One minute, he looks boyish and sweet, and the next, he looks mature and angular.  Such an interesting face he has.  One thing that bugs me as I look at them.  As a former cosmetologist, I don't see how in the world he could cut a man's hair while they were sitting on a motorcycle reading a paper!  When I used to cut hair, the person's head had to be still, I moved it around when I needed it, asked them to turn it this way or that, and I certainly didn't want them suddenly turning the page which might result in snipping too much or too close!!!!!!! :eek:  Don't know if these were publicity photos, or actual photos taken as he was cutting hair, I don't know how he did it with people being in weird positions or on motorcycles which is really weird to be cutting hair on.  Sorry, I'm such a party pooper.  I do love the pictures of Jay, but, seeing those pictures makes this former cosmetologist cringe.  :p
  6. Peaches Donating Members

    Well, he was an expert (no offense to you, BB! :-*) so I guess he could cut hair anywhere.  Maybe he was just giving Paul a quick tidying up, not a full cut??  BTW, that pic was taken in Aug. of 1965 (trying to remember the exact date....gotta think some more)

    Great pix, have them in my collection. :D

    Thanks for posting them Nono1980. :)
  7. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    I will be the first to say that Jay was about one million percent better hair cutter than I could ever hope to be.  Plus, you'd have to be to try to cut hair under a famous star's silly moods of the day.  "Oh, I want to sit on my motorcycle right now, so cut my hair here, while I read the newspaper." >:D  I was more like the picture of Eddie Albert and that other guy drinking coffee.  Sit in the chair and chop chop!!!  The only person I cut on now is my husband and I have to admit, his hair looks quite nice for the style that he likes-short and very close to the head.  He used to be in the Army, so he's used to having really short hair. ;D
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    Got it all figured out :)





    Can I please ask that the admins delete my previous posts, just so I don't create clutter on this forum?
  9. catscradle77 Administrator

    Done Kasia. Thank you for these.
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    sigh....LOVE the hand holding photo.  I wonder who was standing by them (notice the arm by Jay's head??)

    Don't even get me started on the pic where he's standing by his Porsche.  rowrrr....LOL

    Thanks for posting them, Kasia.
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    hey, peach, debbie downer here. >:D  whenever i see that photo of jay and sharon on the plane holding hands, i keep thinking of the letter she wrote to sheila welles about why she broke up with him, and how she tried to keep it together for them, but she knew in her heart it wouldn't work and how she hated to hurt him.  i always wondered if this was when they flew together to go to london so she could do The Eye of the Devil and he stayed for awhile but had to leave for other obligations and that's when she met roman and then life as jay knew it was over, or if this is when they went ot hawaii with the mcqueens?  either way, i keep looking at sharon's eyes to see if i can read her feelings or not.  i'm still on the fence on that one. :p
  12. Peaches Donating Members

    Well, this could've been when they went to Hawaii too. ;) ;D  Plus, they went to London more than once.

    All I know is that they look VERY happy together here. :D

    debbie downer....LOLOL :-*
  13. shea73 Member

    Now I heard that Jay wouldn't commit to marrying Sharon and so she eventually just moved on thus ending their romance. But clearly, they were still very drawn to each other. So my question is, am I wrong about Jay not committing or was Sharon truly swept off her feet by that old charmer  :eek: Roman? Or was it both or something else I'm missing?
  14. catscradle77 Administrator

  15. Peaches Donating Members

    [quote author=shea73 link=topic=4669.msg43304#msg43304 date=1260215815]
    Now I heard that Jay wouldn't commit to marrying Sharon and so she eventually just moved on thus ending their romance. But clearly, they were still very drawn to each other. So my question is, am I wrong about Jay not committing or was Sharon truly swept off her feet by that old charmer  :eek: Roman? Or was it both or something else I'm missing?
    [/quote]GREAT question.  Through the years, I've come across many theories.  But, my own personal opinion is that I just don't think Jay was ready to get married again so soon.  He was still married (in the process of getting a divorce) for the 1st several months of his relationship with Sharon.  I just don't think he was ready to jump right back into marriage again. Especially when you consider how things had changed in the few years since he'd originally gotten married. 
  16. blair606 Banned

    Georgiapeach, first let me say I love your posts.  :D

    I don't, however, agree with the theories about Jay not being ready for marriage. For starters, Jay proposed to Sharon in March 1965. Either he proposed to keep her off the market or he was so caught-up in loving Sharon that he was crazy enough to consider marriage, even though his previous marriage had just ended. In my opinion, both seem plausible. Personally though,  I think he was serious about marrying her. The main reason I say this is quote by Sharon:

    "Before Roman I guess I was in love with Jay. It was a fine relationship. But the truth is I was no good for Jay. I'm not organized. I'm too flighty. Jay needs a wife. And at 23 I'm not ready for wifehood. I still have to live, and Roman is trying to show me how."

    If Jay wasn't talking about marriage, I can't imagine Sharon would have been so concerned about Jay needing a wife. Sure, it could have been an easy excuse to break up with him, but unless marriage was a topic Jay was pushing, I don't think she would have cited it as a reason to end their relationship.
  17. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    See, blair, this is another enigma wrapped in a question wrapped in mystery (or however that saying goes :eek:).  There are those who say Jay was so in love with Sharon and wanted to marry her, and then there are those who say he didn't want to get married.  They were engaged and SHE broke it off.  It broke his heart from all that I have read from HS and other things out there on this site and other sites, and some reports say that he was hanging around being the best friend to Sharon because if things didn't work out with Roman, he wanted her to come back again.  Sharon said that she wasn't ready for wifedom, but yet she married Roman shortly after that.  ???  She was too flighty for Jay and not too flighty for Roman? :-\  Okay....  There was a letter from a book that someone scanned on this website, don't remember the thread, and it had a short note she wrote to Sheila Welles, asking about Jay and how sorry she was she had to break it off with him, but she tried and it wasn't working on her part.  So maybe, she didn't like want to be married to someone who's love was all encompassing and smothering.  That's what I think.  I think Jay was just too, too much and it was a big turn off.  JMO.  So to me, that letter from Sharon to Sheila sounds like Jay at least was wanting to marry her and it was one sided. 
  18. shea73 Member

    Hey BB. You're point about what Sharon said in her note to Sheila Welles actually makes the most sense to me. At least from a logic standpoint. The more I find out about their relationship, the more of an enigma it seems to be, at least to me. Same can be said about her and Roman though.
  19. Peaches Donating Members

    I love all of the differing viewpoints on this subject. :D  The only reason I feel the way I do (and I'm not saying I'm right, of course!) is that, when he married Cami, everything was still rather staid and pretty moral.  By the time they separated/divorced, the pill was available and, if you were single, well!!  You could just be promiscuous if you wanted to be and no one would judge you because they were probably doing the same thing.  So, by all accounts, he loved the single life. 

    Now, as BB said, Sharon is very contradictory.  If she wasn't ready to be a wife, not ready for marriage with Jay because she was too young/flighty--did she sudddenly age with Roman??!!  I've never understood her comment about Jay "needing a wife."  He HAD one, got divorced.  ???

    Blair, where did you hear that he proposed to Sharon in March of 1965?  I know that's when his divorce was finalized, but I've never heard an actual date for a proposal.  (BTW, I enjoy your posts too!! :-*)
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    That is what bothered me too about the statement, that she was too flighty...then boom...

    It is a contradiction indeed.

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