Deidre Angela Shaw (Angela Lansbury's daughter)

Discussion in 'Family Members' started by Mellyn66, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Mellyn66 Donating Members

    She was a brief member of Manson's entourage, ran away at a young age and joined (I think the Saunders book says that). I haven't heard anything about her, has anyone read anything about it?
  2. DebS Active Member

    The only things I've heard about her are what's in the books everyone here has read. She does have a page on her mother's fan site. She and her husband apparently have a restaurant in LA. Maybe Dill and Mrs. Dill can do a recon!?!?!:whistling:
  3. Mellyn66 Donating Members

    Ooooh! Dilly and Mrs. Dilly DEFINATELY Have to check it out!
  4. coonhound Moderator

    I wonder if she went on any 'garbage runs'? If she did, she's come a long way, becoming a chef and owning her own Italian Restaurant.
  5. Mellyn66 Donating Members

  6. freebird Donating Members

    Are there any pics of her in the archives? I always wondered what she looked like.
  7. Bottledbrunette09 Well-Known Member

    Is this the same daughter that Angela Lansbury asked Barbara Walters not ask about during one of BW's interviews when she had her show and what did BW do but ask about questions about the daughter she specifically asked NOT to ask about. I think Angela was crying and although its been so long ago, I thinking she excused herself from the interview and walked off the set to compose herself. I thought she died from a drug overdose or something, or is this another daughter?
  8. Cooltide Well-Known Member

    boo boop de

    Like it FB ...a classic

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  9. freebird Donating Members

    I didn't want to scare off the newbies with all that tin foil :eek: or have them think the site was filled with conspiracy
    weirdos. Unless the rest of you are very good at hiding it I think I'm pretty much alone in that around here......
  10. Mellyn66 Donating Members

    Wiki lists Angela as mother of 2 and step-mother of 1. They do not mention the step-child so I don't know what the sex is of that child.
    (There was a picture of her signing autographs after Blithe Spirit--one of my absolute FAVS! and I can TOTALLY See her as Madame Arcati)

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