Charles "Tex" Watson and Kristen Svenge find love

Discussion in 'Charles Watson' started by catscradle77, May 15, 2010.

  1. catscradle77 Administrator

    Thanks to Zoom71 for this. Charles "Tex" Watson and Kristen Svenge find love

  2. fruity64 Guest

    I don't understand how Tex can be classified as a medium security prisoner! Does he really get special treatment in prison to? Where has this ever been stated and why? After all he did murder 9 people.
  3. freebird Donating Members

    From what I understand he had many privliges while at Ca Man's Colony. The warden didn't even know he was operating his Ministry or much else about Watson's activities. The whole mess came about because of Bill Nelson's investigation into welfare fraud by the Watsons. That is why he was moved to the prison at Ione, Ca. I read somewhere that they have divorced since his move, can someone elaborate on that?

  4. tremain Member

    He married Kristin Svege, there was a considerable age difference. They divorced in 2003 and had children (Watson has 4, are all of them with Svege?), yes I would say he had many priviledges, the smug grinning picture of him in front of the American flag springs to mind. I read on an "About" forum, someone claiming to be Svege's sister(I just googled Tex Watson divorce) that they divorced because Kristin realized at some point he was not the person he said he was, she is an incredibly religious woman. She has since remarried.
  5. uzername New Member

    That's interesting, do you think the sister would reveal any more details if requested?

    I read somewhere that Tex has been in protective care in prison because he's a target of other prisoners or is afraid that he is. Something about him responding to everything like a frightened animal. Makes sense - big name, associated with an even bigger name, killed a load of people including a pregnant woman, then became a Jesus fanatic... not hard to imagine why the prisoners in their own code of ethics would treat him badly.
  6. tremain Member

    I'm not sure, some of the people commenting were very angry and negative and talking real 'intelligently' along the lines of 'we don't give a f*ck about your murderer loving sister' so, that can clamp people up some. I don't know about Tex and his isolation fears. Can someone tell us a bit more about the ministry/scam scenario?
  7. tremain Member

    Ignore my Kristin Svege Sister comment, after further reading, it's not her sister, it's someone else's sister who married a prison inmate. Parden my dorkness
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    Thanks for the info tremain.....

  9. fruity64 Guest

    I would be interested in hearing more about the ministry scam scenario as well.
  10. freebird Donating Members

    You can read about it in both of Bill Nelson's books or if you don't have access to them try the internet archives. Type in in the search box or Bill Nelson. He was a terrible hack writer but a tenacious bulldog investigator with a kingsize hard on for Watson. You can also look on this site under writers of TLB. I don't know what's there but it might be a good place to start.
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    Thank FB!
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    If that doesnt work, I can get the info up as well. I can add to my to do list.
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    From Sesame Street
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