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    I just found this Q & A on Bobby's website about his daughter which I thought was interesting:

    I just have a question, does Bobby have a relationship with his child that Kitty Lutesinger gave birth to?



    Hello Sunshine,

    Yes, Bobby does stay in contact with his daughter. Kitty's family chose not tell her who her father was until she was sixteen, so Bobby was not allowed to contact her until then. Since then, she has visited him and they speak on the phone and correspond with letters. They have a very good relationship. Bobby is also close to his three step-children. They are all relationships of mutual love and respect. Thanks for your interest.

    Best regards,

    Barbara Beausoleil


    Thanks for your reply...I am glad that Bobby gets to have a relationship with his kids...when is his next there any letters that one amy write on his behalf? I have done a lot of research on the events of 1969. I believe that Bobby should get parole. I believe that he is cut from a different cloth than Sadie or Tex. I also am happy to see that he has kept up with his music. As I stated before, I am a college student. I am a Communications major with hopes of becoming a radio DJ....I also was in a band for a while...I sang and played "back up percussion" (tambourine...). I am really happy that you took the time to reply... Thanks again for listening (and patience..I tend to talk alot :)..




    I was wondering if Bobby sees any of his children? I have searched many sites and books and I cannot get a straight answer. At another site someone emailed me saying he has seen his child that he had with Kitty, any truth to this?

    I know he has to be sick of answering *Manson* related questions, I would just like the truth instead of speculation. Is there any chance on him writing a book about it (and hopefully not a washed down/born again book like Susan Atkins)

    Any info would be greatly appreciated,


    Dear Lo-Lo,

    I am in touch with the only child with whom I am sure I have paternal responsibility and we have a good relationship. It has been rumored that I had fathered other children and while this may be possible, given the wildness of the times, it is not certain and I am not in touch with other offspring.

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    From his 1985 parole hearing

    INMATE BEAUSOLEIL: ****. And she's been up here to visit me.

    BOARD MEMBER JAUREGUI: Okay. How old is she?


    BOARD MEMBER JAUREGUI: She's 15. And where does she live?

    INMATE BEAUSOLEIL: She lives in, uh, in the Los Angeles area.

    BOARD MEMBER JAUREGUI: In LA. So she is close to ***** also.


    BAORD MEMBER JAUREGUI: Okay. So you have one daughter. You have contact with her, and she's come to see you.


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