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From the LAPD files:

Nick­names: Patty; Lit­tle Patty
aka’s; Bald­win, Linda Loju; McCoy, Shirley Amanda; Bald­win, Patri­cia Joan

Female White, 5’2, 110 pounds, brn grn
DOB: 5−27−46
POB: Sewick­ley, PA/Ohio Val­ley, PA

Address: #28 Club­house, Venice


Accord­ing to the police report, John Phillip Haught went into the bed­room of Mark Ross’s house and woke Lit­tle Patty, as she was known, up to ask her when she was going to fix din­ner. As he was lay­ing next to her, he reached over to the night table and picked up Ross’s gun and said “Look here’s a gun” and pointed it to his head and pulled the trig­ger. The gun was fully loaded.

Lit­tle Patty pro­ceeded to run out of the bed­room exclaim­ing “just like in the movies.” Present in the house were Coun­try Sue Bartell, Bruce Davis, and Cather­ine “Cappy” Gillies. Davis and Gillies said the sound was like a firecracker.

Lit­tle Patty said she touched the bar­rel of the gun and Bruce Davis then wiped it off and stuck it back in the holster.

1) If we accept Patty’s word on it and she did touch the bar­rel of the gun-why? If Phil put the gun to his head and pulled the trig­ger, what was the pur­pose of touch­ing the barrel?

2) Why did Bruce Davis touch and wipe the gun and stick it back in the hol­ster? If it was indeed a sui­cide, why not just have Patty say she touched the barrel?

3) Phil was still warm when the police got to the scene at 28 Club­house Drive after Lit­tle Patty ran to call the police. Some­how this all doesn’t add up.

–Next the mys­te­ri­ous man who spoke to Jerry Cohen about Phil’s death.

For more infor­ma­tion, see Tate-LaBianca Forum.

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