Truth on Tate-LaBianca Blog Examining the Manson Murders


& Tex Watson" href="" rel="bookmark">Susan LaBerge & Tex Watson

In the sto­ries of the Tate-LaBianca mur­ders, the join­ing of Susan LaBerge and Tex Wat­son has always made me a bit on the sick side. Here, we have Suzan talk­ing about find­ing her par­ents and then her meet­ing with Tex. Then Tex gives his side of the meeting.

Enough to make one want to hurl.

For­give­ness is one thing, and it would take alot of it to for­give those who mur­dered your par­ents. But to buddy up with your par­ents killer and ask for their release? WTF is that?

Thanks to Michael of the Back­Porch Tapes for post­ing this video on his channel.

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